Printronix 500LPM Printer

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P7005 The new P7000 series of line matrix printer carries on the tradition with a group of remarkable innovations

Printronix, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions for office/industrial marketplace adn distribution supply chaing. Its flagship products and services, includeing its full selection of Line Matrix, Thermal & Laser solution techniques, integrate seamlessly into networks by delivering unequaled contorl, unsurpassed diagnositc capabilities and marked cost efficiencies.

P7000 Printer Models
Model Print Speed 
(Lines per Minute) 
Graphics Speed 
(Inches per Minute) 
Paper Feed Speed 
(Inches per Second) 
Sound Level 
Enclosure Type SureStak Power Stacker PrintNet Enterprise 
P7205500631250Quiet Cabinetn/aOptional
P721010001252050Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
P721515001872552Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
P7220200025038.555Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
HP LineJet® series Compatibility

Printronix continues to deliver line matrix printers that are fully compatible with Hewlett-Packards original line printer PCL-II and PJL. The HP LineJet series of printers were developed by Printronix specifically for HP and subjected to their rigorous system testing. Subsequently, this core system capability was delivered to the market in the Printronix P5000LJ product family. Now, this functionality, with the same high degree of compatibility has been elevated to the P7000 platform. Below is a chart detailing the HP LineJet printer model with the corresponding new P7000 model and the required options:

Model Comparison Required Options 
HP MODELP7000 ModelSpeed (LPM)PCLPrintNet EnterprisePower Stacker
C3201D (500P)P7005500X  
C3201ND (500P)P7005500XX 
C3202D (500Q)P7205500X 
C3202ND (500Q)P7205500XX 
C3203D (1000P)P70101000X  
C3203ND (1000P)P70101000XX 
C3204D (1000Q)P72101000X  
C3204ND (1000Q)P72101000XX 
C3205D (1500P)P70151500X  
C3205ND (1500Q)P72151500XX 
C5640D (1500QS)P72151500 w/ StackerX X
C5640ND (1500QS)P72151500 w/ StackerXXX