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20" cream LCD monitordynamic contrast 20000:1
customised key
colour effect
MagicSpeed (5ms)

dynamic contrast 20000:1

How can we make 20000:1 dynamic contrast?
The monitor adjust its brightness and gamma of each frame and optimises the contrast between frames.
- Bright image: higher backlight with gamma control.
- Dark image: lower backlight with gamma control.

colour effect

- Enjoy the picture with your favourite photographic effect.
- Supports 4 colour effect : grayscale, green, aqua, sepia.

customised key

Function preset by the users preferences. There are 4 options to select (MagicBright, MagicColour, Colour Effect, Image Size).

MagicSpeed (5ms)

The monitor supports fast response times to reduce blurring images.

innovative power saving system

In PC power saving mode, the monitor is automatically set to DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) mode to decrease power consumption to below 1W.